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November 16 2013


Kim Kardashian In White Jeans

She stuck close to her home base on the West Coast while her sister Khloe Kardashian jetted off to London to promote their Kardashian Kollection line in the UK. While Khloe was flying solo for the press event, Kim did show support over Twitter, announcing that the line was already completely sold out in the UK and that her sister "killed it" in London on Thursday night. The big fashion success for the Kardashian sisters follows news that the whole family will be celebrating Christmas early this year with a holiday-themed episode of their reality show that will hit the airwaves on Dec. 1. The special, which was filmed back in September, will be missing two Kardashian spouses as neither Lamar Odom nor review Kanye West appears in the Christmas episode promo .
Full story: http://www.popsugar.com/Kim-Kardashian-White-Jeans-32489393

November 12 2013


Celebrities Take Part In Golf Invitational

Celebrities played golf at the Wilshire Country Club to support the MLB Urban Youth Academy. (ATVN/Ani Uncar) PST PST story Celebrities played golf at the Wilshire Country Club to support the MLB Urban Youth Academy. (ATVN/Ani Uncar) Sports legends came out to support The MLB Urban Youth Academy in the Frank Robinson Celebrity Golf Tournament Monday. Reggie Jackson, along with Bill Russell and Jerry West were some of the celebrities that joined Robinson in the golf invitational at the Wilshire Country Club meant to benefit the Compton academy. The event, sponsored by Legendary Entertainment, plans to give studentsfrom underrepresented and underserved communities free year-long softball and baseball training.
Full story: http://www.atvn.org/news/2013/11/celebrities-take-part-golf-invitational

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