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Kim Kardashian Doing 10-day Detox After Pigging Out: Wants To Lose 6 Pounds

The European city is well-known for its delicious food and Kim took great pleasure indulging herself. An insider speaks with RadarOnline about whats driving Kim to take such a drastic approach to losing just 6 pounds. Apparently, when Kim isnt watching what she eats, she tends to go overboard. The source says Kardashians weight gain is like a roller coaster. She was eating from the minibar and generally pigging out because she found Paris so stressful, the unidentified source reveals. Supposedly its Kendall Jenners skyrocketing success thats bothering the 33-year-old. Kims 18-year-old sister is finding herself in the spotlight more and more. Shes rivaling Kim in media attention.

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