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Leah Messer's Ex-husband Corey Simms Takes The Twins To Disney On Ice (photo)

Engagements-1389318028 These little ladies are the reason Corey and Leah still get along so well despite the fact that they're divorced, and clearly their flawless personalities make the whole "co-parenting" thing that much easier. Sure, Leah's Teen Mom 2 co-stars are going to court and fighting for Farrah Abraham time with their kids, but Leah and Corey have a rock-solid custody agreement! While we don't know the specifics of Leah and Corey's arrangement (it seems like Leah gets the kiddos during the week and Corey has them on the weekends), we do know that Corey is an active participant in raising his daughters. This dude is constantly treating his twins to fun activities, and this weekend they hit up Disney watch Farrah Abraham tape on Ice! Aaand dressed up as Rapunzel, as ya do. Check out this adorable photo of Ali and Aleeah chilling with their Disney faves not only are they visit this site making the most hilarious faces ever, they're both wearing matching leopard print dresses. Because we all know how much Rapunzel loved herself an animal pelt! Corey must love his daughters more than ever if he was able to sit through Disney on Ice, which we imagine is about as fun as watching a Barney marathon.
More http://www.wetpaint.com/teen-mom/articles/2014-02-18-leah-messers-corey-simms-twins-disney

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