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Philadelphia Eagles: A Position-by-position Primer To Free Agency

Hi-res-8113406_display_image this website After the club re-signs Jeremy Maclin and/or Riley Cooper to new deals, they already have one of the highest payrolls at the position in the NFL. And if neither of them return? That seems unlikely, but what the Birds lacked from their No. 2 receiver last season was the ability to get open within 10 yards of the line of scrimmage. Cooper had just 16 receptions in that range compared to this link 30, 28 and 40 from Maclin the previous three seasons. If Maclin isnt coming back to keep the sticks moving, Philadelphias long-awaited Anquan Boldin acquisition could come to pass. The man turns 34 next season, but he amazingly just posted his best season since 2006 with the 49ers . He makes a living catching passes in traffic and could be a reliable possession receiver for the Birds for a season or two.
More http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1931131-philadelphia-eagles-a-position-by-position-primer-to-free-agency

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